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Looking Out My Window – Beginning To Look Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Looking Our My Window I see Town of Cobourg workers have changed the decorations on the street lampposts to Christmas lights! The Cobourg Santa Claus Parade has come and gone and now we prepare for Cobourg Christmas Magic on November 20th. The Port Hope Santa Claus Parade is set for Saturday, November 28th and of course it also means we are pretty much full steam ahead into the Christmas Party season as well.

Where does the time go? It seems once we pass by Thanksgiving the days fly by as we rapidly approach Christmas and then a New Year! I have a feeling one reason time seems to go by quickly with Christmas approaching is a direct result to how many people on Facebook start a countdown to Christmas Day!  Whatever the case may be, there is no question about it, we find ourselves in full swing Christmas mode.

Of course going hand-in-hand with full swing Christmas mode comes the age old debate – Do we wish people a Merry Christmas? Or should we say Happy Holidays? For me, it’s Merry Christmas. But this year we have the added buzz of Starbucks and their all red coffee cup! Where does this stuff come from and why do we allow such trivial things – like a red disposable coffee cup – create such tension? A few days ago I heard about a time when The Second Cup was on the receiving end of bad publicity around Christmas time. Apparently people were boycotting the coffee franchise because they had a “Holiday Flavour” coffee while Starbucks promoted a “Christmas Flavour” coffee! Personally I’d rather go to Tim Horton’s and grab a Candy Cane flavoured coffee in my red Tim Horton’s travel mug than spend $5 dollars on a coffee full of whipped cream in a Starbucks cup with my name spelled wrong. But then again, maybe that’s just me.

Soon Salvation Army Kettles will be scattered around the area with smiling faces and bell ringers. In other areas a man in a red suit with a jolly belly laugh will greet kids with a mighty Ho Ho Ho! On TV there will be Christmas special after Christmas special where love is lost, love is found and the guy usually gets the girl in the end too! Families reunited around crackling fireplaces with the smell of turkey lingering in the air. Christmas, it really is a great time of year.

As a radio station we are doing something we started last year as a way to help spread good Christmas cheer throughout the season. We plan to “Spread Hope This Christmas” as we once again play 100% Christmas music throughout the month of December. We launched this last year and believe it’s a great way to encourage people with the wonderful message of hope through the Christmas season. One listener wrote in last year saying; “Thanks for making the choice to play Christmas music all the time! I’m typically a bah-humbug person, and I WASN’T thrilled when you announced your music line up for December. However, I continued to listen because I didn’t’ want to hear what was on other radio stations. I then noticed that this year I’m merrier, I’m brighter and I’m more into the Christmas mood. Whether it’s looked like Christmas or not, I’ve been feeling and sensing the spirit of this season…something I’ve balked at for years, with my bah-humbug approach of not wanting to hear Christmas music. You’ve changed my perspective and I want to say THANK YOU”!

Helping to “Spread Hope this Christmas”! UCB Radio, 90.7FM in Cobourg-Port Hope, will be your home for 100% Christmas music from December 1 through Boxing Day.

Looking Out My Window is a regular column in the Northumberland Today newspaper located in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

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