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2016 – Moving From Visitation To Habitation

Setting The Course For 2016
As we enter a New Year it’s important to hear what God is saying. Around May of 2015 I sensed the Lord saying “Prepare ye the way for I am preparing to move from ‘visitation’ to ‘habitation'”. Since then I’ve been praying and asking the Lord what He means by that and I believe this is one of keys for what God has planned for 2016.

The last two weeks of December were key as we approached the New Year and here are two words that came forth during church services. The first I brought during worship while attending church at Faith Temple in Rochester, New York. The second came as a proclamation and declaration at our New Year’s Eve Service at The Embassy Church in Oshawa, Ontario. The New Year’s Eve word came after Apostle Doug Schneider delivered his message entitled “The Backside of 2016”.

Faith Temple, Rochester, New York
Sunday, December 27, 2015
For the Lord would say “Are you ready for Me to truly invade your space like never before? For I hear you call for My glory to enter into your midst and I say I am leading My people into a season of where My presence and glory won’t merely visit you but I will dwell in your midst for I am moving My people from a place of ‘visitation to habitation in 2016’. Be ready to leap forward into your purpose and destiny in Me as I anchor you in your assignment for what I am about to release and do in your midst”.

The Embassy, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, December 31, 2015
“Even though we may hear of wars and rumors of war, even though we hear of attacks on our own soil and even though such news creates a sense of fear know this” says the Lord, “I am even now in your midst and am in control. So do not be filled with fear as we enter 20-16 as I am in control of what is taking place in your midst. For I do not release a spirit of fear but I release a new and fresh spirit of a sound mind and link that with a new power of the Holy Spirit in your midst. For just as it was declared in Daniel long ago so I once again declare tonight…

“To the nations and peoples of every language who live in all the earth – May you prosper greatly and it will be your pleasure to tell others about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God is about to release and perform in your midst”. (Daniel 4:1-2).

The Spirit of the Lord would say “Many have overlooked the fact that 20-16 is a Leap Year. But know this” says the Lord “nothing is overlooked by Me. As we enter into this New Year know that I am ready to leap into your presence and leap My people into their purpose and destiny”.

For the Lord would say “Prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way. For in days past My people have been asking for a ‘visitation’ but know that I am searching to the east, west, north and south searching for a place to set up and establish My ‘habitation’. For in days past” says the Lord “I have sent My Spirit as a source of visitation where I revealed My power and presence. But know this day I am preparing to set up a place of ‘habitation’ in the midst of My people”.

The Lord would say “As My people make way for My habitation My Spirit will then begin to spill out into the highways and byways where My presence will be revealed to those who have fallen away from Me in days past. For many have been tossed to and fro and are now searching for a fresh touch from My Spirit which is gentle and kind”.

So once again the Lord declares “prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way for I am preparing to move My people from a place of visitation to habitation”.

Tonight we declare as God did through Ezekiel in days past – “None of My words will be delayed any longer. Whatever I say will be fulfilled declares the Sovereign Lord” (Ezekiel 12:28).

Prayer Following New Year’s Eve Word
Father in the Name of Jesus I activate purpose and destiny. I say that those prophetic promises that have laid down deep are released this day. That your destiny comes forth, we blow the dust off the destiny and we will leap into 20-16 with purpose and destiny. Know that the Lord has a plan in your life. He has a plan in the nations’ life. The eyes of the nations will turn to this nation Canada and say “there are a people who believe in God. There are a people who have not forgotten covenant. There are a people who are set aside and who are moving from visitation to habitation”.

So I say tonight receive your blessing, receive your future. Go forth this night knowing God is moving you from visitation to habitation. See the backside of God. Go with Him, in Jesus Name.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

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