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022416 – Yoking Apostles And Prophets

“Context Is Everything”
Prophetic Word Stirring Since Thursday, February 18, 2016

In our Hearing God class we were discussing different ways God speaks. We joked about the the “flip and stick” method and then demonstrated the method and “stuck” on Jeremiah 28:10 as I “flipped” through the Bible. At first read it is a great verse talking about the “yoke being broken off of the neck of Jeremiah”. My first thought was that God planned to break the yoke off of the prophetic as we move forward. On Saturday, February 20 I went back to the passage and read the rest of the passage through to V. 17. It is not about that at all. The context has Hananiah in rebellion and he ends up dying because he is not bringing the word of the Lord.

This is what I sense the Lord stirring with this passage…

The Lord would say “Do not be fooled by those who say the yoke is broken off the prophets and the prophetic this day to blaze the path for what I am doing in your midst. Do not be fooled by those who declare ‘Look at me, look at me and hear how I alone speak for Lord’. Do not be fooled by those labelled, or who label themselves as, ‘world renowned’ when I don’t even know them”. For the Lord would say “the day of the Lone Ranger must come to an end. In this day I am reforming and molding a yoking of the Apostle and Prophet as they truly begin to learn how to move and work together with Christ Jesus as the Cornerstone”.

“In days past” says the Lord “the yokes were made of wood and easily broken by either the Apostle or Prophet. But I say in this day I am even now beginning to raise up Apostles and Prophets who will willingly wear the iron yoke I am releasing and placing on them and they will in turn move forward mantled with a greater power and authority in Me than ever before”.

The Lord would say “as the Apostle and Prophet move forward in right relationship with Me and in right relationship with each other the yoke will become easy to bear and will even then be transformed into My mantle which I released and gifted the church with after I ‘ascended into heaven’. For My plan has been and always will be to ‘fill the entire universe with My presence and My glory’. My plan has been and always will be to have the church declare My ‘manifold wisdom in its rich variety to all the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places’. For as this wisdom is declared in the heavens then the fulfillment of My prayer ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ will come closer to the reality of what is lived and experienced by My people on earth and in their midst”.

So the Lord would ask this day, “Are you ready to accept the new yoke and mantle I am releasing in your midst? This day prepare to receive a yoke that will in turn yoke the Apostles and Prophets together like never before, enabling and empowering My people to then move forward with more purpose, destiny and determination than ever before to see My plans and strategies come forth on earth”.

I also sense the Lord issuing a warning from this Jeremiah passage. I sense Him saying…

“As you receive the yoke and the mantle I am releasing this day do not be quick to judge the Hananiah’s of your day”.

For the Lord would say, “While the Prophet Jeremiah was called to ‘uproot, tear down, destroy and overthrow’ remember those were words for nations not individuals”. The Lord would say “I am calling My Apostles and Prophets to ‘build up’ and ‘plant’ in this day. Do not think you are called to pronounce judgement on the Hananiah’s of your day. I am the Lord your God and I will deal with those voices on My own”.

“So I remind you once again” says the Lord, “Go forth yoked not only in the iron yoke that enables the Apostles and Prophets to work together in right and proper relationship, but also go forth declaring My plans, always prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have with gentleness and kindness”.

For the Lord would say “Yoked with My mantle My people will truly begin to see themselves as being equipped for ministry. As My Apostles and Prophets move forward in unity so then will I also release My mantle of unity among the Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers so that My people will be fully equipped for ministry moving rhythmically together as one”.

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