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Book Review: The Giver and the Gift

The Giver and the Gift
By: Peter Greer and David Weekley

About The Book
imagesOver the past 10 years, Peter Greer has helped HOPE International increase private fundraising at an annual growth rate of 44 percent. Much of this is the result of a relational approach to fundraising, which stands in stark contrast to conventional wisdom in the field.

For many people, “fundraising” has become a dirty word. Conjuring images of guilt-inducing gimmickry, the predominant model saps the joy from both the donor and the receiver. It is time to dismantle certain shaky beliefs and practices, rediscovering a path that values the giver as much as the gift.

Co-written by David Weekley, the chairman of David Weekley Homes and one of America’s most influential philanthropists, this small book outlines a Kingdom perspective on fundraising in order to energize a new generation of generosity.

There is an ever so gentle balance when it comes to fundraising and through the years much has changed when it comes to fundraising techniques. Fundraising in and of itself has become big business. As a Pastor I was once involved in a building project and many “fundraising guru’s” approached the church offering their business model as the best way to raise the most money for the project. While I realize there must be a plan, I fear too often ministries fall into the pitfall of checking off the right To Do List items all in an effort to gain the maximum potential of available dollars from donors.

With that in mind I must admit The Giver and the Gift by Peter Greer and David Weekley is a breath of fresh air in what has become a smog filled atmosphere of gimmicks and techniques. The genius of this book revolves around the fact that Peter Greer and David Weekley know what it’s like to sit on the opposite side of the table when it comes to the “ask” and to the “give”. Peter Greer looks at the side of the one raising the money, while David Weekley sits on the opposite side of the table as the one giving the money. After identifying that fundraising is more about partnership, they partner together to write a book on the very subject. Subtitled Principles of Kingdom Fundraising this book outlines the importance of working together in order to see fulfillment of God’s Kingdom, instead of just raising dollars for a project.

The hardest principle outlined in the book revolves around relationship. In the past many non-profit organizations have approached the area of fundraising as a quick fix and a quick return when it comes to raising money. However, in this ever changing world, it is more about relationship than dollars and it takes time to build relationships. However, in the end, I believe the model outlined by Greer and Weekley in The Giver and the Gift is not only Scripturally sound, but in the long run, will bring a release of blessing to not only the “giver” but also the one receiving the “gift”.

The Giver and the Gift is a short book and a quick read with great discussion questions at the end of every chapter. The format enables and empowers the reader to not only read about Kingdom Principles, but also apply them to their own personal experience and situation.

The Giver and the Gift is available on Amazon.

Enjoy the read!
Dr. Rus

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