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Book Review: Praying For The World

Insider’s Guide To Praying For The World
By: Brian Stiller

About The Book
51ON-NcQcFL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Cutting ourselves off from Christians around the world is not an option. In many countries, the rise of persecution fuels concern over the safety and rights of believers, while other nations that used to be closed to the Gospel are seeing unprecedented numbers of conversions to Christianity. As global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance, what Dr. Brian Stiller experiences on the ground in these nations is often counter to our impressions. As he listens to people’s ideas and observes their innovations, he invites you to see and hear what he does.

Through the years I’ve been involved in many world prayer movements. Some were focused, some were trendy and others simply declared “Pray for the world” with little to no direction on how to actually follow through in prayer. Brian Stiller not only calls people to prayer, but outlines a methodical way to actually follow through with a commitment to pray for the world in this incredible new prayer tool. But, Praying For The World is much more than just a slick looking book with information about 52 countries. Throughout the year we actually travel the world with Brian Stiller as he not only tells us about the country of focus, but shares first hand experience about each country!

In an interview with Stiller he told me the Dispatch portion of each chapter started as a way for him to capture personal thoughts while initially visiting various countries. His personal thoughts turned into updates for the World Evangelical Alliance. Then his publisher suggested expanding on those thoughts and putting them into book form to encourage and help others pray for the world. So when you pick up Praying For The World you’re doing much more than simply praying for the world. You actually become part of a world missionary tour hosted by Brian Stiller. While sitting in your own prayer closet, you journey the world with Brian as your tour guide, mentor and teacher on how to effectively pray for portions of the world you may never visit yourself. That in itself is worth the purchase of this book.

From the standpoint of layout, the book enables you to travel the world in one year. With 52 chapters Stiller encourages the reader to travel to and pray for a specific country every week of the year. Each chapter starts with a map locating the place for prayer focus and then a brief description of the country. From there you travel the location with Brian as your tour guide and the chapter closes with both Scripture and prayer focus starters.

In his own words Brian said the main takeaway for the reader is to discover how to pray “specific prayers for people”. He says his prayer is that Praying For The World will help the reader “move beyond the prayer of ‘bless people in a particular nation or country’ and move to praying specific prayers for people in those nations”. Praying For The World is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for direction in how to pray for the nations. Whether you’re a well seasoned prayer warrior, or simply looking for help in how to pray for the nations, you will not be disappointed with this book.

An Insider’s Guide To Praying For The World is available on Amazon.

Enjoy the read!
Dr. Rus

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