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Looking Out My Window – Little Foxes

Looking out my window today it’s easy to tell summer is almost here. Aside from the calendar telling us it’s June, the nice sunny weather has arrived as well. It was like a switch was thrown over Victoria Day Weekend and summer arrived. While the first official day of summer doesn’t arrive until June 20th, there’s just something about the May 24th weekend that seems to declare “Summer is here!”

The arrival of summer also means the arrival of yard work. With the rather light winter, it seems the grass greened up a lot faster and needed attention a lot sooner than usual as well. Instead of waiting until the traditional May 24th weekend to start yard work, it seemed like I’d already cut the grass twice before the long weekend even arrived! Then even during the long weekend I had to cut the grass again and now I’ve cut it two more times. This year I even did some gardening. Well, if you could really call it that. Actually I simply took the hedge trimmers to the front and back garden areas and chopped down everything in sight. Neither my wife nor I do much in the area of gardening. Once I chopped everything down I pulled out a big heavy rake and pulled out all the weeds in the hopes they would not return. But alas, that was not the case. Where do weeds come from anyway?

Most importantly though, I want to know where dandelions come from. No matter what you do, they seem to keep coming back. As a kid I loved it when the yellow flower turned to little pieces of fluff to blow all over the yard. Now I understand why my Dad did not appreciate us blowing those little fluffy things all over the place. They multiply like crazy! No matter what you do, dandelions have a way of springing back up again, almost instantly after cutting them down. Even the dandelions I dug out of the garden with a rake are back! How do they do that. Those sneaky little dandelions.

Many years ago King Solomon wrote about the dangers of weeds and what he referred to as “little foxes” coming in and ruining a garden. In the book Song of Solomon he writes, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom” (Song of Solomon 2:15). Just as dandelions and weeds choke out good growth around them, so do the “little foxes” Solomon wrote about ruin a vineyard. If left unattended and allowed to run wild, the weeds and the “little foxes” will quickly overrun every part of the garden.

Our lives are like gardens and we must be on the lookout for the weeds and little foxes attempting to ruin them. Wrong attitudes, unhealed hurts, bitterness and anxiousness are just a few of the weed seeds which can sneak into our garden and ruin lives. If left unchecked, the little foxes not only effect our own lives, but can also effect personal relationships with others and even lead to sickness. When left unchecked, the little foxes and the weeds choke out life as they rob the soil of life giving nutrients.

I remember having lunch with a gentleman one day. We spoke of many things and then in the middle of the conversation he said, “I guess I’m just a bitter person”. I responded saying he didn’t have to be. His response was even more surprising when he said, “Without out, I don’t know who I would be”. The weed seeds of bitterness had taken deep root. Watch out for the weed seeds. Watch out for the little foxes. Do you have some weeds or foxes that need to be weeded? Take care of them now, before they ruin the garden.

Looking Out My Window is a regular column in the Northumberland Today newspaper located in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

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