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Looking Out My Window – A Childlike Faith

The window I’m pondering today as I “Look Out My Window” is what I noticed through the car window on a recent drive back home from Peterborough. Driving along Highway 28 I noticed a young boy “skipping down his driveway”. The sun was shining and it was a cooler afternoon unlike the scorching heat we had just a week before. Obviously this little boy was enjoying the sunshine and enjoying the warmth as he headed home from some childhood adventure I’m sure. Without a care in the world, there he was merrily making his way home smiling, laughing and skipping all the way.

I must admit I did slow down a little to watch him and I must also admit it brought back a flood of childhood memories. Summers spent playing pick-up baseball games at the ball field on the 5th Concession in Foxboro. Days filled with riding my bike with friends to Corbyville to splash around in the water and even doing some fishing in the Moira River underneath the Twin Bridges on the 5th. I also remember summers filled with weekend family camping trips and a lot of other friends to Bancroft, Niagara Falls and areas beyond! What a time it was merrily skipping through life as a child without a care in the world.

These days I’m much older and the 5th Concession in Foxboro isn’t even called the 5th Concession anymore. The old baseball field is now over-grown with weeds and grass and little remains of the wooden dugouts. The Twin Bridges still run over the Moira River, but I have a feeling no one remembers the old nickname anymore. It’s faded into the past with the new road name I’m sure. To quote an old song, “The lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer” are coming to a close and sadly as we get older, the same can be said about our childhood days of skipping along without a care in the world.

As we journey through this thing we call life it’s inevitable, we will get older. As the years pass by, obligations pile up and in many cases, stress piles on as we find ourselves in places of responsibility. We become so serious and often forget what it’s like to be a child and have fun. Of course society also pressures us to “grow up” and in many cases even kids today are forced to “grow up” even at a young age. While we must grow up and take responsibility, we also need to find a balance between “Why so serious?” and “Not serious enough”.

There is a need to find balance and of course with balance usually comes peace. Some theologians talk about the need for a “childlike faith” connecting the faith of a child with the words of Jesus found in Matthew 18 where He says ”unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. What is He saying here? Do we check our brain and become immature in an effort to follow Jesus and enter the kingdom of heaven? No, it’s really the opposite. Jesus is addressing the fact that as we “grow up” so to speak, we become more cynical and skeptical about faith issues. It’s harder to “skip through life without a care in the world” trusting God to supply when we look around us and see the opposite taking place.

However, the Good News is, we are not asked to forget all we know when we come to faith in Christ. But we are asked to “lighten up some” and have a childlike understanding when it comes to faith. It really is true, “God takes care of all our needs” and “He will never leave us nor forsake us”.

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