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Book Review: Moving In The Apostolic

About The Book
moving-in-apostolic-eckhardtWe are currently experiencing the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit the world has ever known. God is raising up a new generation of people willing to move in kingdom authority – and you can be part of it!

Observing the roots of our biblical heritage, John Eckhardt explores the function of an apostle – both the office and also the gifting every believer carries. With keen insight he reveals how the apostolic dimension affects all aspects of the local church and how apostolic leadership points the way toward fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Title: Moving In The Apostolic: Revised and Updated Edition
Author: John Eckhardt
Publication Date: January 2017
Publisher: Chosen: A Division of Baker Publisher Group

I have the first edition of this book published in 1999 and also had the privilege of taking classes from Apostle John Eckhardt at Wagner Leadership Institute back then while working on my Doctorate. After reading the first edition in 1999, and now reading this revised and updated edition due for release in the New Year, I must once again say…

Hands down, this is the best book on the Apostolic Movement I have ever read.

My Doctorate has an emphasis in the Apostolic/Prophetic so you can well imagine I have read a number of books on the Apostolic and the Apostolic Movement. I’m not saying the other books miss the point of the Apostolic Movement. However I am saying, if you’re looking for an easy to read and down to earth explanation of the Apostolic Movement, where it came from, where it’s going and what it needs to look like, Moving In The Apostolic is for you.

The beauty and genius of this book is the simplicity contained within the pages, while also maintaining a biblical and scholarly approach to what can be a very complex subject. Within the pages of Moving In The Apostolic you will find an unapologetic account of why we need Apostles – and Prophets – today. Without defending the movement, Eckhardt simply outlines the why, how and where the apostolic needs to operate. Often books on controversial subjects lean too much toward defence and proving why something should exist. Eckhardt cuts to the chase and basically says, “We need Apostles today, this is what they look like, this is what their ministries look like and this is who they work with”.

While this Revised and Updated Edition of Moving In The Apostolic still contains important lists such as; Characteristics of Apostolic Prayer, Characteristics of an Apostle and Duties of an Apostle, there is much more to the book than meets the eye. The first edition of this book was written at the cutting edge of what we now call the Apostolic Movement that started to surface and advance through the leadership of Dr. C. Peter Wagner in the late 1990’s. Much was written on the Apostolic then, however much still needed to be walked out and worked out. While it was taught that Apostles and Prophets needed to work together, there was little experience of how and what that would actually look like.

Now, as we are further down the road in this restorational move of God, Eckhardt expands on how the two Ephesian 4 offices should work together and need one another in order to move forward in all God has planned for His people and His church. John Eckhardt has not only walked this movement out, but he continues to move forward in the things of God and is an example of how a true Apostle should work with the Prophet in order to “equip the saints for ministry”. Do not think simply because this is a Revised and Updated Edition of the 1999 book that you do not need it in your library. This book has been 18 years in the making and is an example of a man who is growing in an understanding of what it means to move in the apostolic and now shares the nuggets he’s discovered along the way with others.

The bottom line is this – Moving In The Apostolic – the Revised and Updated Edition – is a book that brings understanding to the Apostolic/Prophetic Movement. This book will also enable the movement to move forward in health and understanding of how the apostolic is not only transforming the world, but how the Apostle and Prophet must work together in a healthy relationship. I applaud Apostle John Eckhardt for taking the time to round back to this important work from 1999 and update the material. Not only does he update the material, but – to use his words – Apostle Eckhardt hits the Reset button so we can move into all God has in store for us in 2017.

Preorder – Moving in the Apostolic – Revised and Updated – here…

Enjoy the read!
Dr. Rus

Special thanks to Graf-Martin Communications for review copy.


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