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Book Review: Essential Guide To Fasting

About The Book
Fasting is one of the most misunderstood spiritual disciplines in the Body of Christ today. In a society where we want for nothing, abstaining from something we want carries little appeal. Yet fasting isn’t about lack – it’s about drawing closer to God and resting in His abundance. In this handbook to biblical fasting, Elmer L. Towns helps you discover the amazing spiritual benefits of prayer and fasting.


Title: The Essential Guide To Fasting
Author: Elmer L. Towns
Publication Date: October 2016

I was not raised in a tradition that encouraged fasting or even taught on fasting. I spent a number of years in ministry thinking fasting was simply something of old. After all, we now have the spiritual discipline of prayer which has to be greater than fasting. Right?

Then about 17 years ago my eyes were open to this incredible spiritual discipline known as fasting. At first the key verse that came to mind was from Jesus telling the disciples that “this kind only comes out through fasting and prayer” (Matthew 17:21). Our ministry was just starting to discover what are known as the power gifts so it made sense to hook on the words of Jesus about “fasting and prayer” in connection with deliverance ministry. Little did I know, there was much more to fasting than just going without food in order to move in the power gifts. While the power gifts of the Holy Spirit are important, there is much more to fasting than just that.

As I started studying more about fasting it did not take long to discover Elmer Towns and his book Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. Again, this book opened my eyes to a number of biblical fasts, which in turn helped to focus my times of fasting. It’s been a number of years since that book came out, and now – just in time for another January fast – Towns has released The Essential Guide to Fasting. While his earlier book seems more like a workbook with a lot of information in it, this new book connects with the reader in a much simpler way. I’m not saying the way Towns writes is simple, but I am saying The Essential Guide to Fasting brings the whole topic alive helping the reader not only connect with the subject, but understand the subject.

Fasting is a hard discipline and the genius of this new book is how Towns weaves in ways to fast, but also tells his own story – both victories and struggles – throughout. This is an easy to read book – I read it through in one sitting – full of incredible tools, tips and techniques of how the beginner, right up to the seasoned faster, can fast with more intention and purpose. There are many nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the book as well. One of my favorites is about halfway through the book in the chapter entitled Fasting To Know God. It’s here Towns writes;

“The greatest reason to fast is not to get great answers to prayer (although you may get some sensational answers). The greatest benefit of fasting and prayer is that it helps us know God as never before. It helps us become quiet and focus on God so that we can recognize Him when He touches us”.

If you’re looking for a refresher course on fasting, or if you’re looking to discover for the first time the discipline of fasting, I highly recommend The Essential Guide to Fasting by Elmer Towns. Making the book even better, it not only gives you information about fasting, but also provides a great study guide at the end of each chapter. Whether you’re looking to study for yourself, or lead a small group through a teaching on fasting, you will not be disappointed by this book.

The Essential Guide to Fasting – Available on Amazon – Click Here!

Enjoy the read!
Dr. Rus

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