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2017 – A Year For Alignment and Refocus

Welcome to 2017!
This is the time of year when many prophetic people release what the Lord is stirring in their spirits for the coming year. I consider it an honor and privilege to walk alongside Apostle Doug Schneider at The Embassy Church in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. At our New Year’s Eve Service Apostle Doug brought an incredible message about The Year of the Sword and the importance of alignment for the upcoming year. I love it when God works like this as at the end of the service he asked me to bring the word the Lord was stirring in me.

This was then released. We did not talk beforehand about what God was stirring in him for the message, or about what He was stirring in me. But, God certainly confirmed His plans as we were both on pretty much the same page.

2017 Prophetic Word
Delivered December 31, 2016
The Embassy Church, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

For the Lord would say “20-17 is a year to ‘hold fast and hold tight’ and know that I have ‘placed before you an open door that no one can shut'” (Revelation 3:8, 11). The Lord declares, “This is a year to move forward in My increase and a year to reset and refocus on Me remembering that Christ Jesus is the ‘Author and Perfecter of your faith'” (Hebrews 12:22).

For the Lord would say “No matter what’s gone on this past year, My plan is to firmly establish you in the plan I have in mind for your life. Do not forget My promises of days gone by for they hold firm and true today just as they did in days past. Just as the Prophet Jeremiah declared to the exiles in Babylon so long ago I also declare to you this day – ‘I know the plans I have for you, not to harm you but to prosper you and to catapult you into your purpose and destiny in Me'” (Jeremiah 29:11).

The Lord says “this night and this year as you come into alignment with Me and alignment with proper authority I have called forth for this day and this season ‘doors that are open before you, no one will be able to shut and doors that are shut, no one will be able to open’ for My plan” says the Lord “is to ‘drive you as a peg into a firm place’ as you reset and refocus on Me” (Isaiah 22:22-23).

So as you enter 20-17 – a year for alignment and reset – with expectation and anticipation “holding onto what you have so that no one will take the crown that Christ Jesus has already won for you” – the Lord declares “I will release blessings of increase and re-establish the broken things in your life”.

The Lord declares “that even this night as you set in your heart to break off mindsets of the old season and move into the new season I will begin to re-establish the broken things in your life. For proper alignment brings with it authority. For when you are under proper authority and alignment” says the Lord “more authority is granted unto you”.

“So step into the new and you will see the broken things mended fresh and anew. Where there are broken relationships – new life will spring forth. Where there are broken dreams – new vision will spring forth. Where there are broken plans – new designs will be drawn. Where there are broken finances – new wealth will come forth” says the Lord.

May you have a blessed and incredible 2017!
Dr. Rus

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