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Book Review: Anointed to Heal

About The Book
Randy Clark and Bill Johnson witness the miraculous regularly and see thousands touched by God every year. Anointed to Heal – written in a behind-the-scenes style – is in interview format where the two share their journey with one another, and ultimately with the reader.

Not only does the book outline time-tested advice and strategies for more effective ministry, but there is great encouragement to also move forward personally bringing the miraculous healing presence of God, wherever you go.

In this book Randy Clark and Bill Johnson reveal;

  • How they first heard God’s call
  • Lessons learned that moved them forward
  • The most amazing miracles each has witnessed
  • Detailed strategies for more effective ministry
  • And more!

Recently while having breakfast with a Pastor friend of mine the name Randy Clark came up during our conversation. The initial reaction was one of surprise that I knew Randy and was actually reading an advance copy of the Anointed to Heal book. It is no secret, depending on who you speak with in Christian charismatic circles, both the names Randy Clark and Bill Johnson stir many emotional responses. Step outside charismatic circles and the responses will be just as varied, if not more vocal in the area of dissent.

However, if we are honest with one another, the disagreement and concern voiced against both Randy Clark and Bill Johnson revolve more around style than anything else. The fact remains, even though some may not agree with the style of ministry, there is no denying people are being touched by the power of God and healing is taking place. This brings me back to the breakfast conversation with my Pastor friend. While his initial experience with the ministry of Randy Clark was somewhat unsettling, he did agree, when you strip away style concerns, there are many lessons we can learn from Randy’s healing ministry.

This is precisely where the book Anointed to Heal comes into play.

At one time holiness churches held what were known as Testimony Services. In the pentecostal movement the phrase “Can I get a witness” often stirred times of testimony as well. That is exactly what we find in Anointed to Heal. The sub-title True Stories and Practical Insight for Praying for the Sick describes the book well. The material comes pretty much word for word from individual video interviews conducted by both Randy and Bill. Those transcribed interviews are now in book format holding true to the candid and honest questions and answers as the initial interviews unfolded. This book outlines and moves through true stories of people being healed. It’s a journey through the ministry of both Randy Clark and Bill Johnson.

But, Anointed to Heal is much more than just testimonial accounts of various miraculous signs and wonders. Anointed to Heal also provides insight into the journey of both men ultimately leading them to where they are in ministry today. Both come from different backgrounds which ultimately led them to the same place – a recognition of the power of God and His desire to heal people today. Then as an added bonus, as you read between the lines and listen carefully to the lessons learned along the way, incredible ministry tips are also found here.

All in all – if you’re not used to reading interview transcripts – Anointed to Heal will prove a somewhat bumpy ride for you. While there is a flow of content and subject matter, the style is quite different from what many expect to find in a book.

Many champions of the ministries of both Randy Clark and Bill Johnson will readily appreciate the content of this book. But I would also say that those who question their ministry will find benefits from reading Anointed to Heal as well. This book strips away the style of the outward ministry, providing a more reserved and simple testimony account of the power of God. If those who question the ministry style of these two men can step away from preconceived notions and mindsets of disagreement, great benefits will also be found and your faith will be quickened – and if your not careful – even strengthened.

Anointed to Heal  – Available on Amazon – Click here!

Enjoy the read!
Dr. Rus

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