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Looking Out My Window – Alignment and Assignment

As I look out my window today the thought enters my mind that we are in a New Year. Before you go searching your calendar to see where the lost days and months went, when I say we are in a New Year, I’m not talking about the year 2018. Instead I’m talking about the Jewish New Year. While most of the world uses what we now call the Gregorian calendar, on the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah – the beginning of the New Year – is September 21st. That means the Jewish year of 5778 is now underway.

I must admit I’ve never been one who’s really given much attention to the difference in the calendars. It all gets very confusing. Honestly, I’m also the guy who writes the wrong year on things for about three months into a New Year! The past few years I’ve started paying a little closer attention to the New Year – at least on the Gregorian calendar. Many times I take a week off during the first part of January to focus in on prayer, asking God what I should study in the year ahead. For several years my wife and I have also fasted during the month of January. There’s just something about focusing on God and setting apart the month of January that sits well when it comes to preparing for a New Year.

Last year was really the first time I started paying much attention to the Jewish New Year. While the Gregorian calendar says it’s 2017, according to the Jewish calendar it’s the year 5777. Time and time again as I chat with people I keep hearing similar stories. Many people have experienced what they refer to as “coming into alignment” in different areas of their life. Some people say, “things just seem to be lining up in my life and I’m happy about it.” Why is this significant? Mainly because it revolves around what the year means. According to the Jewish year of 5777, this is a year of alignment. God has a plan and a purpose for our lives and He wants us to come into alignment with Him and those plans. When we come into proper alignment, our lives simply go better. It’s kind of like driving a car. When the front wheels are in proper alignment, the car drives smoothly. However, if the front wheels are out of alignment, it’s harder to steer. The car might even bounce along the road and even swerve in directions we don’t want to go.

Throughout the year I’ve encouraged many people to make sure they are in “proper alignment”. If life is bouncing along the road out of control, chances are something is out of alignment. The good news is, it’s never too late to take a look at your life and see what areas need adjustment.

As we find ourselves closing out the year 2017 and heading toward 2018, it’s worth noting that the New Year, which according to the Jewish calendar is now underway with the year 5778, is a time of opened doors. However, it’s not just open doors. The New Year signifies a year of new beginnings with the number 8, as well as infinity. The number 8 signifies no ending as you can make the number 8, without lifting your pen from the page. Why is this important? Simply because when you find yourself in proper alignment, God can then open new doors of opportunity for you. Not only will new doors of opportunity be opened, but the year 5778 also represents unending release of abundance.

Are you lacking something in your life? There’s no need to wait for the New Year of 2018 to begin before you make a change. As we come out of this year of alignment – when you are properly aligned with God – He will open those new doors of opportunity for you. Put another way, when we are in alignment, we are then ready for our assignment.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

Looking Out My Window is a regular column in the Northumberland Today newspaper located in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

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