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Faith In NASCAR: Still Wreckin’

A number of years ago I remember hearing a radio clip from NASCAR driver Mark Martin as he found himself in the middle of a race accident. At one point his crew radioed him asking, “Are you okay?” Martins response said it all, “Can’t talk right now…still wreckin’.” That’s where the title for this post comes from. But first, let me lay in some groundwork.

During the August 2018 NASCAR Truck Series race weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, I made my usual stop by Jordan Anderson’s garage area. I met Jordan a few years ago and was instantly impressed not only by his integrity, but his outspoken words of faith and Christianity. Through the years it’s been a pleasure to watch Jordan work his way through the field, and the garage area, in what he calls a “David in the midst of a Goliath” story. But, he’s never let that get him down. Week after week, Jordan perseveres through the grueling NASCAR Truck Series schedule. This year I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan’s Dad, Cliff. We had a wonderful visit and as we chatted about Faith In NASCAR, he told me his wife – Jordan’s Mom – spends a lot of time writing about their faith journey. Cliff said, “If you ever want a Mom’s view of Faith In NASCAR, let me know and I will connect the two of you! It did not take long for us to connect and this is what I hope to be a number of posts from Sherry, giving us yet another view of Faith In NASCAR. This time instead of from the drivers view, we get a Mom’s view.

After the Las Vegas race in September of this year I connected with Sherry to chat about the weekend as Jordan was involved not only in one wreck, but two! (Hence the title of this post as Still Wreckin’). First involved in an on-track accident, and then involved in an accident driving home from the racetrack, I wondered how Mom felt about all of that.

Sherry, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope this is the first of many posts we will see from you here on Faith In NASCAR.

Enjoy the ride!
Dr. Rus

Jordan Anderson, with his parents Sherry and Cliff.

Faith In NASCAR: Guest Post – Sherry Anderson
Sherry Anderson is the Mom of Jordan Anderson, an American professional stock car racing driver and team owner. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving for himself in the No. 3 Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Silverado for Jordan Anderson Racing.

In Accordance with God’s Will
In prayer we cry out to God, and during prayer we are nearest to God. To be close to God in the diligence of prayer, is to know the sovereignty of our Lord. When facing the Lion, who do we go to, but The Lord.

This is where we found ourselves after the September 14th Truck Race in Las Vegas.

Facing the Lion and trusting in The Lord for deliverance.
On Tuesday, September 18th we received an unsettling call from our son Jordan. He and his team while traveling from Las Vegas and after wrecking during the NCWTS race, were in the midst of yet another wreck on I-40 in New Mexico. This time the Lion was an Elk that hit the dually and hauler. The team and Jordan prayerfully were okay. An abundant relief.

As a parent, the tears will come and the foundation of our faith will be met in intimate prayers and petitions unto our Lord. The intimacy of sharing our hearts with The Lord, and  knowing He hears our hearts and prayers, brings comfort from the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. We must trust that everything God allows is for our own good and to glorify Him, even in times of despair.

Prayer is much like the Dove Noah sent out that did not return. The answer was given and Noah could leave the Ark. It is God’s delight to provide us with answered prayers.  We must let our prayers be written upon our hearts with the willingness to accept His ordained will. Our prayers are only worth the sincerity of the prayer that is lifted up,  so we came before our Lord with humbled hearts. During this weeks ordeal, we have seen the mighty hand of our Lord through prayers, encouragement, selfless acts of kindness, all given in love from our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been blessed.

Over the years of Jordan’s career in racing, we have realized that if you do not do what you are called to do, it is of no value to the kingdom of our Lord. Our understanding of this principle has allowed us to trust and find complete faith that the workings of our Lord are perfect. It may not be in the way the world would expect, however, we as Christians are not of this world. We are called to a different calling. As Christians we will suffer, suffering allows for greater reliance on The Lord instead of self. If as Christians we cry out; “Why Me”, we nullify the call of our Lord. It’s hard to accept two wrecks in less than four days. However, when we see the fruit of others lending a hand, you quickly realize it’s not about you. It becomes the testimony of truth in the Living God who ordains all things for His purpose.

From the moment of the call, our hearts ached for Jordan and his little team that work tirelessly?  But we are seeing stamina and growth in each of them to never give up and to endure. A gift.

Our prayer is, Lord continue to use our son, our family and his team. Allow us to display our faith in The Mighty God we serve by trusting Him in all things. For we serve the “Great I AM.”

In Hebrews 11 we are given many examples of faith. In this chapter each were commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised. Are we any different? Instead, what we do know in our hearts, is that The Lord our God is our refuge and hope, no matter what befalls us. He is unchanging and everlasting. Our prayer is that He continues to use our family, so we may continue to display unwavering faith, everlasting hope and the salvation that can only be found in Him.

For this is our call…as a family.
Sherry Anderson

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