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Prophetic Pondering’s – Grounded

Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s – Grounded
We’ve certainly been experiencing an interesting winter. It’s almost like winter doesn’t know if it wants to come or go. Since January the cycle goes something like this: Bad winter storm with bitterly cold temperatures; Warm weather with rapid melting; Winter storm with cold temperatures once again; Warm weather with rapid melting. The temperatures, and accompanying storm cycle just keeps going around in circles.

A few weeks ago someone described winter as a sore loser who “storms in one moment, stomps out the door, only to come back in saying, ‘and one more thing’!”

On Monday, February 11th my wife arrived home from work saying the church office would be closed February 12th because of the weather forecast calling for “snow, freezing rain and ice pellets.” I responded saying, “Interesting. All will be fine in the morning. I wonder how this will play out.” When I awoke the morning of the 12th the first thing the Lord dropped into my spirit was the word “grounded”. I heard this even before my feet hit the floor. I looked out my window, and sure enough, all was clear and I heard the word “grounded” once again.

A Year of Birthing – First Trimester Events
As I pressed into the Lord for His revelation on the word “grounded”, I came across an email from friends of ours. The subject heading simply read – “trip?” Without knowing the contents of the email, I again heard the word “grounded”.

Prophetically what I’m hearing for North America is this…

“While this is the year of the good and I am preparing to birth another awakening, remember My timeline is different from mans timeline. The Year of Birthing will last a year. This means The Year of the 9 will last a year. This Year of the 9 is like any other birth, coming to full term.”

With that in mind I sense the Lord saying we should look at this year in trimesters. That being the case, March represents the end of the first trimester. The first trimester is a tricky one and a delicate one. March could be an “eventful” month (Daniel 10:1). Every stage of the pregnancy process signifies a portion of the journey. The first trimester is a time to make sure you’re eating right, living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of that which God has planted inside the womb. During this year of birthing, I believe God is birthing not only a new move and a new thing, but He is also preparing to bring individual purpose and destiny into focus for many people. This first trimester is a time to make sure we are moving forward with God and allowing Him to truly transform our lives into living examples of Him on earth. 

Preparing For The Birthing
The first trimester is a time to look at our individual lives and determine if we are seeking His face and His holiness. God says, “Be holy for I am holy”. In days past many have considered holiness as an unattainable goal. However, this is simply not the case. God calls us to be holy, which means He must consider holiness an attainable goal. Just as a mother in the natural during the first trimester of her pregnancy chooses to clean up her lifestyle in order to protect the unborn child, so we too as believers must choose to move into a lifestyle of holy living.

The enemy will look to short circuit and abort the birthing process the Body of Christ is currently in. I believe the word “grounded” is significant in two ways;

  1. We must make sure we are not only “grounded” in His Word, but also grounded in His holiness.
  2. We must also be aware of the enemies tactics of distraction meant to pull us off our assignment and what God is planning to birth in our lives. We need to discern any travel, making sure the Lord isn’t “grounding our flight plans” during the transition from the first three months of pregnancy into the second trimester.

I firmly believe the Lord is calling His Watchmen to be on alert for the transition from March to April moving from the 1st trimester to the 2nd trimester of this Year of Birthing.

During the summer of 2017 when President Trump was in talks with North Korea attempting to make change in that country, many believed the scales would be tipped toward some kind of a war. One morning I asked God what His heart was on the events of the day. In a rather dramatic way, He dropped Daniel 10:1 into my spirit.

“In the third year of the reign of King Cyrus of Persia, Daniel had another vision. He understood that the vision concerned events certain to happen in the future…” (Daniel 10:1) 

2019 is the third year President Trump’s term of office. I shared the above word with a few ministry friends and some took the word very seriously and have been praying into this since 2017. What will the events be? I do not know for sure. But I do know we are not to operate in a spirit of fear. These “events” are meant to “catch the attention of God’s people” as He releases good into this year and releases many people into the birthing of their purpose and destiny for the days ahead.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

One thought on “Prophetic Pondering’s – Grounded

  1. Following your analogy here… the first trimester is when many a spontaneous abortion takes place. The life within is not “grounded” or attached as it should be and the pregnancy is in dire trouble. So it is with birthing a “new thing”. We need to be “grounded” in the Word and fixated on an intimacy with God in order to move onto the second trimester. The second trimester is when movement is first felt. The knowing and feeling that something new and alive is developing and growing within is exhilarating. It’s going to be an exciting, if challenging, new season!!

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