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Prophetic Pondering’s – God’s 20/20 Vision

Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s – God’s 20/20 Vision

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I sense the Spirit of the Lord nudging me to start releasing some of what He is stirring in my spirit for 2020. We can start Unlocking God’s 20/20 Vision now. Many times words for the New Year don’t start popping up until much closer to the end of the current year. Sometimes they don’t come until we are actually in the New Year. I believe He’s saying “now is the time for those who hear clearly from Me to begin stirring a sense of anticipation and expectation of what My plans and purposes are for the New Year”. The New Year will bring the year of God’s 20/20 Vision for 2020.

God is calling His people to not only clearly hear His voice, but to be a people who are ready to move when He moves. Yes, we need to know the “times and seasons” with an Issachar anointing. But we also need to be aware of where “the Spirit is about to go” as described in Ezekiel 1.

God’s Perfect Vision = 2 Chronicles 20:20

At the first of this year a Pastor mused with me saying, “I just realized next year is the year 2020. That’s perfect vision. I’m sure prophetic people will have fun with that phrase.” He went on to say he’s already heard a few prophetic voices saying God’s Year of 20/20 Vision for the Year 2020. I asked him if any of those prophetic voices had a verse to go along with the declaration. The Pastor said he had heard no one with a verse. 

Simply saying God’s 20/20 Vision for 2020 is too easy. A few years ago I sensed the Lord saying 2020 would be a year revealing His perfect vision. At the same time He linked the year 2020 with the following verse 2 Chronicles 20:20.

“Listen to me all you people… Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be able to stand firm. Believe in His prophets and you will succeed” (2 Chronicles 20:20 NLT).

The Amplified version translates the verse saying, “Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe and remain steadfast to His prophets and you shall prosper”. In this verse we discover what I describe as the first Three Keys for Unlocking God’s 20/20 Vision for 2020.

First Three Keys for Unlocking God’s Perfect Vision

  • Key 1 – The actual 2 Chronicles 20:20 verse.
    • Unlocks the door of faith.
  • Key 2 – Believe in the Lord your God.
    • Unlocks the door of being able to stand firm and be established.
  • Key 3 – Believe in His prophets.
    • Unlocks the door of succeeding and prosperity.

God is birthing new things in the year 2019. Once the new thing is birthed, we need to know how to move forward. What is He birthing in you during this new season? It may be focus for your personal purpose and destiny. It could be new ministries or new businesses. Whatever He is birthing this year, we will need His perfect vision in order to bring the new thing, to a place of maturity.

Now is the time to allow the Spirit of the Lord to start stirring in you a spirit of anticipation and expectation. How can you do that? Grab ahold of the first key for 2020 now and begin declaring 2 Chronicles 20:20 over your life and over what He is birthing in you this year. Now is the time to unlock the door of faith.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

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  1. Thanks Dr Rus!! Sure fits my heart. I have no idea how God will do all He will do with getting us from Rwanda to Minnesota but I am excited to see how He will work it all out. Will start declaring II Chronicles 20:20

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