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Prophetic Pondering’s – Shifting The Sound of Worship

Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s – Shifting The Sound of Worship

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For some time now I’ve been sensing the Lord saying He is “shifting the sound of worship”. I touched on this in the Yahweh Shammah post  a couple weeks ago. “God is saying we are moving from a ‘bethel experience – a worship experience – to a penuel experience – a face to face encounter with the Lord'”.

I mention in the earlier post a “face to face” encounter with God is a name changer. However, a face to face encounter with God is also a citizenship changer. Throughout Scripture we discover a change in language when a face to face encounter takes place. Instead of being referred to as the “God of my ancestors”, the wording changes to “He is my God”. The face to face encounter, brings a new reality of just who God is, and who we are in His Kingdom. With this discovery of identity, comes strength in the realization that He is my God and with Him all things are possible.

A New Sound of Worship and Warfare

On Good Friday the Lord dropped the following word into my spirit during worship. It was then released to the body of Christ gathered at the Good Friday Service.

The Lord would say, “I am stirring and releasing a new sound of worship and warfare among My people. For I am shifting an understanding of the garment of praise. When praise goes before all your troubles, you don’t even need to lift a hand or a finger and scream and shout. For in this new worship/warfare, there is a sweet sound which releases My presence not only among My people, but it also releases a sense of fear and confusion in the midst of the enemies camp. For authority is not always found in the loud. It is also found in the gentle and kind. For do you not know the Proverb which says ‘a soothing word renders rage useless’ (Proverbs 15:1). Discover the key of worship/warfare, and discover a new and amazing victory”.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

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