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Book Review: Dubai Girl

About the Book

Fresh-Wind Ministries, Sandra Weppler, Dubai GirlThe Dubai Girl, written by Sandra Weppler, is a nonfiction book, helping you understand God’s purpose for your life. Weppler shares her own stories of love and loss as she sought to discern her life purpose after the loss of her father. Using her own faith and experience as a template, she helps you draw on your own life experiences as a purpose blueprint. This process will help you understand your identity in Christ, discover God’s will and purpose in relation to your individual life purpose, and use your purpose to help others.

Throughout the book, Dr. Weppler helps you focus on your life purpose and goals, by orienting your mind and heart toward God.

Publication Date: November 2018

About the Author

Dr. Sandra Weppler is a Canadian Christian author and speaker. She also hosts the online show The Voice of Truth Prophetic TV.

Book Review

The Dubai Girl chronicles the story of Sandra Weppler and her own discovery of her personal purpose and destiny in God. But, not only does it walk the reader through her story, it helps the reader discover some nuggets along the way of their own journey. Many are searching for identity these days. Not only is there an identity crisis in the world, but many believers suffering from an identity crisis as well.

One survey remaining the same through the years revolves around the simple question; If you could meet God and ask Him one question, what would that question be? Still today, the number one answer is; What is my purpose in life? Sometimes our response to such a question becomes theologically involved and confusing. The Dubai Girl cuts through the theological jargon, enabling the reader to discover God’s purpose in their life, while discovering their own journey.

A Passion for the Nation

I must admit when I interviewed Sandra Weppler, I went in with an attitude of searching for more than just a discussion about her book. Reading her bio I was very interested in what she hears prophetically. Sandra Weppler definitely has a heart and passion for Canada. From the moment we started speaking I knew her heart is to hear what the Lord is saying for the nation. As we concluded our conversation she left me with the following prophetic word…

“The Lord is aligning His people in Canada to move the nation forward with Him and for Him.”

I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet Sandra via a phone interview, and look forward to connecting again in the near future.

The Dubai Girl is available on Amazon – Click Here!

To find out more about Sandra Weppler, visit her website.

Enjoy the read!
Dr. Rus

Special thanks to Graf-Martin Communications for supplying review copy.


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