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Prophetic Pondering’s – Shiny Things

Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s – Shiny Things

Prophetic Pondering's, stop chasing shiny things.
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A number of years ago I heard the Lord say, “Stop chasing the shiny things.” He said much in the word I captured in my journal. Some rather harsh. However, much of the word was also filled with hope, purpose destiny and grace. Over the past few weeks in these pondering’s I’ve written much about timing. All too often prophetic people tend to release what the Lord stirs instantly.

I believe now more than ever the Lord is calling His prophetic people, and especially His prophets, to slow down and wait on Him before releasing anything. Only as we become aware of His Unfolding Plan will we know how to move forward with His plans.

With that in mind, I’ve found myself going over my journals looking at earlier entries. As I look back it’s amazing to see how God is indeed unfolding His plan.

Avoid the Shiny Things

I’ve written much about the Issachar Anointing. In September 2016 I asked the Lord what was on “His heart” one day. While the word initially addressed shiny things, He also started stirring His intentions about seeking His presence and the Issachar Anointing.

I sensed the Lord saying, “When will My people’s eyes stop being captivated by the ‘shiny things’? Stop chasing the shiny things. Become captivated by Me and My presence. I am searching to and fro for a people who understand and know the times and the seasons. My desire is to release an Issachar anointing in the midst of My people. I will then raise up a people who truly know the ‘times and the seasons’ we are living in”.

The Lord went on to say, “Remember the words of Paul to his son Timothy – ‘Mark this, there will be terrible times in the last days’. But even in the midst of these terrible times take heed and be full of good cheer. Again remember the words of encouragement to Timothy. ‘Do not fill your time or days with trying to reveal those who chase the shiny things. Fill your time with proclaiming Who I am” (2 Timothy 3:9).

A Release of the Issachar Anointing

In September 2016 I sensed the Lord saying “I am preparing to release the Issachar anointing. Then, in the days ahead, those searching for My plans, will receive the Issachar anointing. In that day those not enamored by the shiny things will be empowered and robed with power from on high in a fresh and new way. Revival is much more than pockets of shiny things here and there. The shiny things draw the crowds to the pockets. But My presence releases power and might”.

I believe the Lord is saying now, “tune your ear to My ways, My presence and My voice. Then watch as a fresh and new Issachar Anointing is released on people like never before.”

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

3 thoughts on “Prophetic Pondering’s – Shiny Things

  1. Awesome word it blessed me and encouraged me (write it down pray about it before you speak it)
    Thank you and Blessings to you!!!

  2. OUCH! Don’t like this one very much! That said, I sooooo needed to read this.

    Since a little child, I have always been drawn to anything with shine or bling.

    I understand we are talking about spiritual “shiny” things here–but I felt an internal nudge here in that God is admonishing me (and perhaps others??) to be grateful for the little things in life that don’t really sparkle much.

    Such as, a sunrise, tulips sprouting forth, a warm dry roof over my head, a soft comfy bed, and/or a fridge full of food.

    After pondering and chewing on this message a bit, as Paul advises Timothy–
    I also sense that we don’t need to “chase after” others to get a new special “shiny” touch from God.

    He is patiently waiting, RIGHT HERE, in my prayer closet, to give me all that I need!

    1. Hi Resa;
      Yes, it is all to easy to get caught up with “shiny things”. Thanks for your honesty in your comment here as I do believe it is a good reminder for us all.
      Dr. Rus

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