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Prophetic Pondering’s – Anointed and Appointed

Anointed and anointed.Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s – Anointed and Appointed

We find ourselves in the third trimester of this Year of the Birthing. As the day of birth approaches, the Lord is releasing a new understanding of what it means to be anointed and appointed.

For the past number of months the Lord has been stirring words about 2020. In earlier posts I’ve outlined partially what I hear the Lord saying about His perfect vision for the year 20/20. In order for the Body of Christ to move forward in 2020, I believe we must come to a new understanding of what it means to be anointed and appointed.

“As David stood among his brothers, Samuel took the flask of olive oil he had brought and anointed David with the oil. And the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David from that day on” (1 Samuel 16:13).

Appointed and Anointed

Jesus tells us “many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14). What exactly does that mean? I believe the Lord is shifting our understanding of the phrase. For too long people have been appointed to a position, and then anointed. The assumption is, since the person is appointed, they must be anointed. However, this is not what we see in the Bible.

In 1 Samuel 16 the Prophet finds himself in a perplexing situation. Saul is still King, but God tells Samuel to anoint  a new King! Saul has fallen out of favor with God and the chapter opens with the following words; “The Lord said to Samuel, ‘You have mourned long enough for Saul. I have rejected him as King of Israel.” God then tells Samuel to find a man named Jesse and anoint one of his sons as King. Samuel responds saying, “How can I do that?! If Saul hears about it, he will kill me” (2 Samuel 16:2). In todays vocabulary we would quickly say, “Awkward!” But, Samuel follows through with God’s plan, and a short time later, David finds himself anointed as King.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “For too long My people have simply appointed people to a position. In an effort to fill a hole, ‘many have been called, but few have been chosen’. Now is the time to discover I have anointed ones in the wings. I am standing by to save them and move them into position. When My people look for the anointed instead of just the appointed, My Army will then begin to rise in proper rank and order.”

Rescuing the Chosen & Saving The Anointed

A few weeks ago during prayer I found myself in Habakkuk 3. The Lord then highlighted a few verses from this prayer. “I have heard all about you, Lord. I am filled with awe by Your amazing works… You marched across the land… You went out to rescue your chosen people, to save your anointed ones” (Habakkuk 3:1, 12, 13).

He then dropped the following word into my spirit…

The Lord would say, “I am moving My people into a new understanding that is is not appointed and anointed. My method has always been to anoint and then appoint. When My people discover their place and position in Me, I then release an anointing. The anointing is not to catapult them into a position, but to begin training them for the appointed position I have in store for them. Following the anointing, comes the training. Then after the training I am able to appoint them into the position I have planned for them. Then, my anointed will move forward in Me in powerful ways.”

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

2 thoughts on “Prophetic Pondering’s – Anointed and Appointed

  1. This is so good! This does make so much sense, as I have seen so many of God’s people that are so obviously anointed but are “chafing at the bit” to get going in an appointed position. The maturing and growing process takes time. David was anointed as a very young man–but did not take up his appointed position for several years. This developing stage can also be seen in the life of Joseph. The learning, growing,developing and waiting process is so very difficult– but so very necessary!

    1. Hi Resa;

      Thanks for your comment and yes, you are right about the “chafing at the bit”. The sad thing is many also jump too soon “making an appointment” instead of “waiting for the appointment”. That usually does not end well. David was 24 years “waiting for his appointment” following his “anointing”.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!
      Dr. Rus

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