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Welcome to 2021

We truly are in a New Era. Many words came forth at the beginning of 2020 about the New Era. Many cheered the arrival of the New Era. However, many want to hold onto the characteristics of the Old Era, while moving into the New Era. This simply won’t do. A New Era brings with it new characteristics. While I believe what some said about this being the Roaring 20’s, I also firmly believe we cannot look at the characteristics of the Roaring 20’s from the 1920’s.

A Return To The 1920’s?

Could it be we are experiencing some of the characteristics of the 1920’s now, simply because some prophetic voices declared a return to the 1920’s? This new era certainly opened with sickness, job loss, and dare I say it, a return to some of the Depression Era characteristics of the 1920’s. In other words, could it be what we experienced in the year 2020 is a direct result of what many prophetic voices declared heading into the year? A return to the Roaring 1920’s.

If we truly believe “God’s word does not return void” then we must also believe His word did not return void and He simply honored what the prophets declared.

Yes, God is doing a new thing in our midst. Yes, the words of Isaiah 43:19 are true: “See I am about to do something new.” But, in order to move into the New Era and the new thing God wants to do in our midst, we must also remember the words which go before Isaiah 43:19… “But forget all that… it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.”

When looking at the preceding verses in Isaiah 43 we discover a list of mighty ways God delivered His people out of harms way. You could say Isaiah lists a number of characteristics of a previous era. But in the end, just before declaring He is about to do a “new thing,” God says, “Forget what happened before” because you ain’t seen nothing yet! What is about to unfold before your very eyes is a very new thing!

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

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