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Fellow Sojourner: The Passing of Mantles

Since November of 2020, I’ve sensed the Lord saying “we are entering a time of passing mantles.” Moses passed his mantle to Joshua. Elijah passed his mantle to Elisha. Those are two examples where the transition of a mantle, or leadership, went well. However, such is not always the case.

Then Both are Preserved

Throughout church history we see the transition of leadership not going well. What usually happens? A new revelation arrives on the scene. The new revelation leads to in fighting among young leaders and old leaders. Then, often times, this all leads to some kind of church split. Usually those in the “new wine” camp say those in the “old wine” camp simply don’t understand what God is doing.

A few years ago I made an amazing discovery about that parable as told by Jesus. While it is true some accounts simply say, “You don’t put new wine into an old wine skin because it will burst,” that is not the complete picture. Matthew’s account concludes by saying, “Then both are preserved” (Matthew 9:17). The parable is not about separation and division. It’s about preservation and building on what’s gone before.

As we journey through life growing in our spiritual walk with the Lord, it’s always important to build on the firm foundation of Jesus. As we build on the establish foundation, not only will both the old and the new be preserved, but we will be stronger in our understanding of Christ.

A Fellow Sojourner,
Dr. Rus

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