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Fellow Sojourner: The Meaning of Words

I’ve always been fascinated by the English language. It’s been said English is the hardest language to learn. I’m not sure if I totally agree with that statement. I remember taking Greek in College! That was rather difficult as well. One day while trying to memorize all the different Greek endings, I was given a wonderful piece of advice. I was encouraged to focus on the meaning of the words. Once we know the vocabulary words, the context of the sentence fills in the rest.

Context is Everything

In Matthew 12 Jesus heals a blind and deaf man. In the midst of the amazement of the crowd, the Pharisees accuse Him of casting out demons by the power of the prince of demons. Jesus of course knows what’s going on and points out if that were true, then the kingdom of darkness is actually divided and will not stand.

Instead, He says, the Kingdom of Heaven is “in your midst” because the power of God has arrived and is able to clean the house of what does not belong.

In other words, He brings peace in the midst of chaos.

On the surface, what looks like chaos, could actually be the power of God stepping into a situation bringing His peace and understanding to what is really going on. Context is everything. In our journey we must always look to Jesus and ask Him what’s really going on. When the Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst, we always discover peace.

A Fellow Sojourner,
Dr. Rus

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