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The Folly of Dreams

A number of years ago a disturbing trend appeared in the Prophetic Movement. It started with what were referred to as Prophecy Parties, and morphed into a Polluted Prophetic. While it was all done in the name of God, proclaiming to be a training ground, I believe they led to the shallow prophetic we now experience in many places.

Parties and Pollution

The Prophecy Parties involved people coming together in small groups for the sole purpose of prophesying over one another. While this all seemed harmless on the surface, they quickly spun out of control into nothing more than soul pleasing emotional words. All in the name of the prophetic, the words tended to be no more than fluff and stuff.

Next came what I call the Polluted Prophetic. Again, all under the banner of “God told me to do this,” people started setting up booths alongside psychics at so-called psychic fairs! This one never sat right with me. Well meaning prophetic people “selling their wares” to people with no interest in God. Making a mockery out of the God given gift of prophecy, people set up their tents in the midst of polluted water, allowing the pollution to seep into the prophetic.

Lessons from Joseph

Joseph found himself standing before Pharaoh one day with an opportunity to point him toward God. The journey to Pharaoh’s palace was a long and interesting one. Joseph learned many lessons along the way, including waiting on God, understanding He alone is the source for wisdom and knowledge. As he was asked to interpret two dreams Pharaoh said, “I have heard that when you hear about a dream you can interpret it.” Joseph’s response was quick and to the point, “It is beyond my power to do this. But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease” (Genesis 41:15-16).

These days we’ve fallen into what we can refer to as the “Folly of Dreams”.

Folly is defined as a “lack of good sense; foolishness.” Another definition describes folly as “a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose.”

In many cases, especially in light of the recent US Election cycle, dreams and the interpretation of dreams became nothing more than foolishness. In some cases dream interpretation these days is nothing more than costly ornamental displays with no practical purpose.

The current state of the Prophetic Movement did not occur overnight. Instead, it was a slow burn toward moving more in the area of the soulish mind where emotions pull us off course from truly hearing what God is saying. It’s time for us to discover once again that it is “beyond our power to interpret dreams. But God can tell us what it means, and in turn set us at ease.”

We must move beyond “off-the-cuff” interpretation, and truly seek the Lord asking for His interpretation.

For more thoughts on the 2020 US Election cycle and the interpretation of dreams see my November post entitled Dreamers of Dreams.

Keep encouraged!
Dr. Rus

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