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Decade of The Pe

I believe we are at a tipping point in the Prophetic Movement. The chaos of the 2020 US election cycle opened the door for the climate we now find ourselves in. For a number of years God has been speaking to me about plumb lines. A plumb line brings alignment. Now more than ever we need not only His alignment for Apostles and Prophets, but we also need a re-alignment of the Prophetic Movement.

A Plumb Line Measuring Depth

Somewhere along the line the prophetic movement strayed off course becoming nothing more than political lobbyists, instead of calling people to return to God.

“True Prophets are not political lobbyists.”
Chuck Pierce

In May of 2019 the Lord stirred in my spirit, “there is a plumb line coming to the prophetic movement. The plumb line on the horizon will not only measure alignment. The plumb line that is on the horizon will also measure the depth of My people checking for the depth of the Holy Spirit flowing in individuals.”

He went on to say, “those whose waters run deep in Me have nothing to fear. But those who are shallow in Me, putting on a form of godliness and holiness with an appearance of depth, will be revealed for who they really are. For in days past, the shallow and the false have been able to bob and weave. But those days are coming to a close. The bobbing and weaving from one place to another will no longer masquerade the true heart of those who spew weak and shallow words.”

Current Event Prophets = Pop Off Words

In 2018 people started asking me if I was going to change my mind about President Trump. The question came as a result of what I sensed in 2010 and have held on to since then. The Lord stirred in my spirit well before the 2016 election that Donald Trump would be a “one term President beginning in 2016.”

However, as momentum built, many jumped on the President Trump bandwagon in what quickly became more about a political party, than what the mind of the Lord was on the subject. I believe it became less about seeking the Lord, and more about relating to current events. Suddenly current events, turned into pop off prophetic words merely going along with the crowd.

Avoid Foolish Talk

2020 was declared The Year of the Pe. The Hebrew letter pe, represents the mouth. This is connected with the Hebrew calendar year of 5780. While some have said this represents the Roaring Lion, I also believe it is connected with a call to watch what we say. While 2020, or 5780, represented the Year of the Pe, I believe it’s actually The Decade of the Pe. God is so graceful He is giving us 10 years to not only clean up our speech, but 10 years to get the Prophetic back on track.

It will take much work, but it’s time to return to the foundation of prophecy. The Prophetic Movement has taken a great hit. Now is the time to re-discover that “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10).

“Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behavior. This kind of talk spreads like cancer” (2 Timothy 2:16-17 NLT).

Much has been said and declared that has been proven false. Now people are lining up to take verbal shots at the prophetic voices that were wrong. Making matters worse, the prophetic voices themselves are issuing verbose excuses and apologies for why they got it wrong.

We would all do well at this point to heed the Decade of the Pe, remain silent and allow God to do the reset He has planned.

Keep encouraged,
Dr. Rus

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