Welcome to the Online Home of Dr. Rus

Life truly is an adventure and a journey. Through the years I’ve traveled a lot, worked a lot, learned a lot, and grown a lot. I’ve  also collected a number of website domain names. Always the early adopter, I built my very first website – GodLaughs.net – in the early 1990’s. Back then you had to know how to write HTML source code! What a joy that was – NOT! (If you’re wondering, yes, the GodLaughs.net site is still alive, just not very active. One day I will resurrect that site as well). Through it all my vision has remained the same; Empowering, Equipping & Encouraging, For Purpose & Destiny.

What You Will Find Here

These days pretty much all my domain names point to where you are now. That’s why I call this the “everything you wanted to know about Dr. Rus, but were afraid to ask” site. On this site you will find out about me, as well as Fresh-Wind Ministries, and a handful of other ministries I’m involved in. Information for those various ministries can be found on the Menu Bar under Ministries.

Ministering in Stratford

Through it all, my ultimate vision is one of “equipping the saints for ministry”. From the moment I was called into full-time ministry in the summer of 1987, my passion has been one of raising up and equipping others to not only discover their purpose and destiny in God, but to move forward in their own ministry, wherever that might be. After my dramatic call to ministry, I packed up my wife and one year old son, and headed back to school. First I needed to be equipped, in order to equip others.

My Writing

I’ve also done a lot of writing over the years. After graduating from Seminary in 1993, I started writing for local newspapers wherever I found myself ministering. The title of the column has always been Looking Out My Window. What originated as newspaper articles, has made a slight shift to what I now call Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s. You can find all the Looking Out My Window articles and Pondering’s on the Menu Bar under Looking Out My Window. Also under the Looking Out My Window menu you will find Prophetic Words along with other random Thoughts and Notes.