2020 Ponderings

Dreamers of Dreams

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Over the past week I’ve received a number of questions about the US Election. One thing to keep in mind is this, it’s not about the election, it’s about what God has planned for a nation. One question that keeps surfacing revolves around what we would call “missing it”. Many prophetic voices declared, and are […]

2019 Pondering's

Prophetic Pondering’s – Aligned for Restoration

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Looking Out My Window: Prophetic Pondering’s – Aligned for Restoration God’s 20/20 vision for 2020 revolves around a restoration of promises. In order to position ourselves for the promises, we must also find ourselves aligned for restoration. As we wind-down the year 2019, and already celebrated Rosh Hashanah on September 29th, alignment is important. Rosh […]