HOPE – Houses of Prayer Everywhere

Houses of Prayer Hope
“I will give them joy in My House of Prayer” – 
Isaiah 56:7

Vision: Releasing HOPE through prayer one house at a time.

Mission: To establish Houses of Prayer Everywhere in neighborhoods across North America. Mobilizing prayer warriors to transform their communities by establishing HOPE on your streets. We encourage and equip people how to pray effectively for your neighbors, street and community.

Background: The prayer movement is nothing new. However, our prayer today is – What was known as a movement at the end of the 1990’s, will become a lifestyle. As a new Pastor fresh out of Seminary in the mid-1990’s I discovered what eventually turned into a 6 book series written by C. Peter Wagner now known as The Prayer Warrior Series. Those books formed the initial structure of what I then called an active Prayer Shield for our ministry. Through the years, the Prayer Shield served us well. Prayer warriors were mobilized and God moved in mighty and powerful ways. But, like most things, the mechanics of the Prayer Shield became routine with ebbs and flows along the way. While I’ve never lost my passion for prayer, I must admit, the structure of maintaining the Prayer Shield became somewhat burdensome and at times overwhelming. In the early days of our ministry, the Prayer Shield was focused internally on our own ministry. Little did I know then, just how God would use those days to expand His plan for this movement.

Just before passing away in October 2016, C. Peter Wagner said he sensed the Lord was going to re-ignite the prayer movement, moving it from the mechanical movement of the early 2000’s, into a lifestyle prayer movement. I had the privilege of spending a number of hours with Peter Wagner during the early days of Wagner Leadership Institute. As student number 20 in the brand new educational model of WLI, I not only enjoyed classes, but also many lunches with Dr. Wagner and other students in those early days. Yes, we talked much about the emerging Apostolic Movement of the time. But we also talked about church growth and of course the prayer movement. Peter Wagner was a man of God and an incredible leader in the prayer movement of the day. During those days we also talked about what he referred to as the routinization of any organization. In a nutshell, Dr. Wagner said we must always be aware of the danger that after 10 to 15 years, a fresh and new movement of the spirit, has a tendency to become routine, turning into a mechanical organization. Many hours were spent talking about how to avoid such a danger. I believe this is probably what Dr. Wagner was hinting at when he said the Lord plans to re-ignite the prayer movement in this day.

My hope and prayer is that Houses of Prayer Everywhere will be just one way God re-ignites the prayer movement. God is calling His people to move from a mechanical mode of prayer, making it a lifestyle of prayer. A lifestyle of prayer not only transforms lives, but will also transform homes, entire communities, and ultimately a nation!

Serving ’til He comes,
Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey

Endorsement – Doris Wagner – Global Spheres: I’m honored to endorse Dr. Rus and the Houses of Prayer Everywhere initiative. As a former student of Peter’s, I also know he would be very honored as Rus picks up a mantle of prayer passed along by my late husband, C. Peter Wagner. God’s people will volunteer and work hard following an anointed leader with a clear vision and agenda. I believe Rus is a person God will use to reignite the prayer movement once again. We have a whole new generation to work with, and Dr. Rus – along with Houses of Prayer Everywhere – will not only call them to a place of intercession, but encourage them to move into a lifestyle of prayer in order to see God’s presence become real in every community.