“Dr. Rus is an accurate Prophet who operates as a Kingdom authoritarian for the 21st Century. I have had the pleasure of ministering with him and find him to be a prophet who walks in integrity and wisdom . He is definitely one who understands Apostolic Team alignment and one who is confident in whom God has called to be in this season. I highly endorse him and his work.”
Apostle Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows – President of The Apostolic-Prophetic Connection
Christian International

“I’m honored to endorse Dr. Rus and the Houses of Prayer Everywhere initiative. As a former student of Peter’s, I also know he would be very honored as Rus picks up a mantle of prayer passed along by my late husband C. Peter Wagner. God’s people will volunteer and work hard following an anointed leader with a clear vision and agenda. I believe Rus is a person God will use to reignite the prayer movement once again. We have a whole new generation to work with, and Dr. Rus – along with Houses of Prayer Everywhere – will not only call them to a place of intercession, but encourage them to move into a lifestyle of prayer in order to see God’s presence become real in every community.”
– Doris Wagner – Global Spheres

“Dr. Rus has so many skills it amazes me. He is now focused his ministry on encouraging and equipping Christians so that they can impact others in the workplace. As you can tell, I’m a big time admirer.”
Pat Williams, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President

“Dr. Rus is a man of integrity with a very accurate prophetic insight and ‘word of The Lord’ for current situations. Dr. Rus’ insightful and biblically based counsel and instruction are the foundation of his ministry”.
– Pastor Kevin Truex – GateWay Ministry – Akron, OH

“Dr. Rus has spent many years ministering and equipping the body of Christ. He enjoys seeing believers grow and develop their gifts. His lifestyle of intercessory prayer is the foundation that fuels his gifts effectively”.
– Pastor Steve Edlin – Faith Church – Rochester, NY

“Judy and I have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Rus and Pastor Sandra and are blessed every time they minister at CityGate Church. Whether it’s providing specific teaching on our Equipping and Training Days or bringing a timely prophetic message to our church on a Sunday morning, Dr. Rus and Pastor Sandra are sincerely committed to assisting us in any way they can. These are days of alignment through relationship and we’re excited to be connected with the Jeffrey’s.”.
– Pastors Mac and Judy Crummer – CityGate Church – Stratford, ON

“Whether hearing him speak publicly, reading his blog or in personal conversation, I enjoy Dr. Rus’ perspective and thoughts. They are always timely, encouraging and constructive”.
– Aaron Bucks – Christian Musician

“Rus doesn’t put himself into a box. Yes, he’s an ordained minister. Evangelical at that. But he’s not closed minded (as are some in the religious community). This open mindedness makes him an excellent Christian broadcaster. I’ve found Dr. Rus to be an asset when I was at CNN Radio and I find him an asset now as we continue to work together”.
– Gary Baumgarten
Director of News and Programming at Paltalk
Shift editor at Fox News Radio
Reporter at 1010 WINS

“Dr. Rus is the best damn doctor that I have spoken to in years.”
David Lander (a.k.a. Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley)

“There’s nobody I’d rather talk movies with than Dr. Rus!”
– Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of Batman

“Dr. Rus is one of the best radio hosts in the country. He cuts to the heart of the matter and gives his listeners the most information in the shortest time. His common-sense views are inspiring. I am always honored to be on his program. America needs Dr. Rus.”
– Bill Federer, Historian & 2004 Congressional Candidate

“Personable, genuine, and fun, Dr. Rus always brings something special to our conversations. It is always a pleasure talking with him.”
– Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., RCC, CBC
Founder, Advantage Coaching & Training